Spore Prints


White spore print of a Xerula radica.

How to make a spore print:

For a gilled or pored mushroom remove the stem and place the mushroom gill side down on a clean flat surface, cover with a glass or bowl so that no air movement can disturb the falling spores. Leave for at least two hours, preferably over night. Remove the glass and examine the spore print for colour. Its a great idea to save the spores for later use. This can be done by placing the mushroom on foil or baking paper to make the print. Fold the foil and keep it in a labeled ziplock bag. Ensure your spore print is dry before storing. Spores can then be examined under a microscope, germinated on agar or used to make a spore syringe.


Spore print of Macrolepiota clelandii

For fungi without gills or pores, like Morchella species wrap the mushroom in folded baking paper to catch the spores as they float off.